The Voice of Traveling Trendy

Morgan Lambert

Hey Guys! I'm Morgan, the person behind Traveling Trendy. I'm a 27 year old Baltimore native with a passion for style, travel, and living the fullest life I can.

I have always had a passion for travel and fashion, and I try to never go back to the same place twice. Being able to see the world and understand the culture and fashion behind the places I am traveling are so incredible. It's truly is amazing to me how different places in the world have such different styles than what I see everyday. 

As I was growing up, I was always trying to play with my style. I eventually figured out that you wouldn't really wear the same thing traveling to St. Thomas as you would in London. Thus, the evolution on my style journey began, and I started tailoring my outfits to the city I was traveling to while packing. This allowed me to play with so many different kinds of clothing and allow me to fully immerse myself into the culture I was traveling to, even if I was staying in the US. 

If I had to describe my own personal style, I wouldn't be able to. What I wear is such a reflection of the environment I'm in, that I have everything from fringed kimonos to blazers in my closet. I love to play with my style and be experimental. That's what I love so much about fashion, is the fact that no matter what you wear, you are able to express yourself in the best way possible.