London Outfits Pt. 2

DSC00827 - Version 2.JPG

Another day in London brought the most London weather we had throughout the whole trip. Although it didn’t rain, it was a bit chilly and overcast, which helped my fall London outfit even more.

To go with the overcast fall weather, I went with a great pair of olive skinny jeans with all black on top, including a long sleeve choker bodysuit paired with a leather and cotton jacket that helped the edginess I was going for in my look. Of course, paired with my blush pink velvet sneaks made walking around that much more comfortable. Fair warning, you’re going to be seeing these shoes on a lot of my posts, because they paired so well with every outfit and were so great to wear for walking all around. To read more about my shoes, go to my previous post here.

Jacket: Kut from Kloth Jacket from LeTote

Bodysuit: Emma Chocker-Neck Bodysuit from Boohoo

Pants: Rockstar Skinny Jeans in Olive from Old Navy

Shoes: Marlow Velvet Sneakers from Sam Edleman 

Purse: Micheal Kors

Sunglasses: Medium Ray Ban Aviators from Nordstrom

This was the perfect fall outfit for London and helped me fit right into the fashion scene. I blended right into the community and everyone I encountered was surprised when told we were tourists, which is exactly the reaction we wanted. It helped me to feel more confident walking around and not sticking out as easily as someone who doesn’t belong.

When wandering around a new city, the last thing I want to do is call attention to myself in a negative way. Trying to fully immerse in a city’s cultural and fashion trends helps me to feel completely immersed in the experience, and not take anything away by feeling like the “obnoxious tourist"

Below is my full look for the day. I also included a photo with my boyfriend, Danny, because like me, he wanted to step outside of his normal fashion comfort zone, and dress the part of a true Londoner. I’d say he nailed it! Keep a lookout for a Traveling Trendy Men’s Edition in the near future.

My outfit details are linked below!

DSC00756 - Version 2.JPG
DSC00825 - Version 2.JPG

And remember to always be Traveling Trendy.