Packing Essentials for International Travel


I cant believe that in 2 weeks, I’ll be on my way to London and Paris for some major adventure. As I start to prep for my European Trip, I wanted to put together a list of Travel Essentials I wouldn't be able to leave the states without. Here is the list of some of the essentials I’m bringing with me across the pond, and suggest to everyone heading overseas.  

A Cross Body Purse with Zipper

    Being a tourist in big cities means you will be in high traffic areas with a lot of other tourists and people. To some people, this makes you and your belongings an easy target. For this reason, I am always careful when I pack my purse of choice to ensure that it is cross body and has a zipper. This choice being having a cross body purse means that it is close to my body, and the zipper prevents someone reaching in quickly and stealing your wallet or phone. As I walk around high traffic areas where I know a lot of people will be, I always be sure to have my hand on the top of my bag just in case, as well as the zippers facing towards by body on the outside. 


    On the same premise of security with the cross body bag, a money belt is an extra layer of security that your valuable belongings you must bring with you, like cash and credit cards, will be in an inaccessible area and less vulnerable to pick-pockets. This way, you can traverse with ease and ensure your belongings are safe. 

Photocopied Version of your Passport

    My motto has always been “better safe than sorry” and bringing a photocopied version of your passport is always a safe bet. While walking around, I always try to bring a photocopied version to have on me (in my Moneybelt of course) and leave my real passport safely locked in my suitcase or the hotel safe. 

Printed Maps and Itineraries

    This is the Type A planner in me, but I always make sure to have everything printed out, from hotel reservations to plane tickets, even maps about how to get from the train station to the hotel I’m staying in. Even though I always try to alert my phone company that I will be travaleing Internationally, if I am in an area where I am dependent on wifi or data that isn't working or has a low signal, I always like to have a backup in my hands. Having all of my documents, directions and maps printed out beforehand just gives me that extra peace of mind and confidence that I’ll be able to find my way around the city. 

Comfortable Shoes for Walking

    This is one that a lot of people don't think about until the last minute. Europe is different in the sense that it is far more of an active community in regards to everyone walking everywhere. When I was in Italy, it was rare we took a cab anywhere. We were always walking, and would log around 10 miles a day exploring the city. This is why is is seriously important that you have comfortable, yet trendy shoes to explore in. For example, I wrote about these Sam Edelman shoes and they are perfect!

Below are some suggestions on where to find some of these essentials and the best bang for your buck. What are some of your travel essentials? 

And remember to always be Traveling Trendy.