Paris Outfits Pt. 1


Paris is a city that had always been on the tip top of my bucket list. And I knew for my first trip abroad, there was no way I wasn’t going to visit. Not only is Paris full of incredible culinary spots and amazing landmarks, it is also one of the fashion capitals of the world. I was so excited to put my skills to the test, to see how well I could fit into the local scene, and if I could truly pull of Parisian style with my own twist. 

Our first afternoon and evening in Paris, I was surprised to be greeted to warm weather in October. Nonetheless, I was able to adapt, and style my look to account for the warmer than usual climate. 

I started off in a safe zone, sticking with a black and white color scheme and keeping a minimal pop of color. I wore a sleeveless tank with a lace-up front with my cotton and leather cropped jacket. I paired it with a plan pair of black skinny jeans and my trusty pink velvet sneakers. This was one of my favorite looks from the trip, because it was simple enough that I was able to let the pieces speak for themselves, and blend right in. My tell-tale sign is when I said “bonjour” and the waiter responded to me in French. When I told him I do not speak french, he was shocked and said, and I quote, “You look you are a true Parisian, I never would have guessed!” 

Jacket: Kut From Kloth Faux Leather Trimmed Jacket from Le Tote

Top: Emma and Sam Tank from LF

Pants: Rockstar Jeans from Old Navy

Shoes: Velvet Marlow Sneakers from Sam Edelman 

Bag: Micheal Kors from Nordstrom

DSC01620 - Version 2.JPG
DSC01636 - Version 2.JPG
DSC01655 - Version 2.JPG
DSC01670 - Version 2.jpg
DSC01693 - Version 2.jpg

And remember to always be Traveling Trendy.