Welcome to Traveling Trendy

Hey Everyone! Welcome to Traveling Trendy, a look into how to dress the part, no matter what city you're in, without breaking the bank.

As a kid, I figured out that there was one thing I wanted to do, and that was see the world. Our family never had a vacation home growing up, because we craved new adventures in new places constantly. Therefore, my desire to see new destinations around the country and the globe kept growing. 


I also grew up loving to be in the trendiest clothes, and literally put my emotions on my sleeve. I am a person that uses clothes to depict moods, where I am in my life, and especially to adapt to the places I'm visiting. 


Traveling Trendy is a look into the incredible places I visit and what I wear when I’m there. Two things I'm passionate about. Being able to feel and look your best when you're in a new environment is important not only for confidence, but for your level of comfort. You know what they say, look good, feel good, play good

I want to be able to help others adapt their style to the locations they are traveling to, but most importantly, be able to do that on a budget. The majority of my wardrobe consists of budget friendly pieces that I learn to mix and match. As much as I would love to spend my entire paycheck on my closet (shoutout Carrie Bradshaw) I like to save up for more important things, like plane tickets and endless adventures. But there is one thing I refuse to do, and that is sacrifice style for price. I would rather spend a little extra on something I'll get more wear out of and be able to match with other pieces in my wardrobe rather than buying something just because it's a good deal. 

This is a style diary of sorts, and also a look into how to style the perfect outfit from Paris, France to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I hope you enjoy :) 

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And remember to always be Traveling Trendy.